Automatic Gauge Control

Automatic Gauge Control


DIGI-IMPACT AGC system is setting new standards in the industry by maximizing metal yield. The revolutionary Time-Based AGC is a control algorithm that measures and corrects on a constant time basis typically as often as 3 milli-seconds

The correction rates exceed 350 corrections per meter of material rolled, so it can be up to 3 times more accurate than other AGC systems in use today.

Advantages :

3 times better AGC Performance than other systems

Better overall reduction in thickness deviation

Better response on slow speeds resulting in small coil ends

•Reduced tension disturbance during large incoming thickness variations

• Reduced high frequency components introduced in to the material ne grained control of roll force cyinders during rolling.

  • Combined mass flow, feed-forward, feedback, elongation and force control modes
  • Frequency response up to 50 Hz
  • Fixed 3 millisecond AGC scan time, independent of mill speed and PLC scan time
  • 16 bit analog input resolution for thickness gauges
  • 32 X strip length encoder input interpolation
  • Dialup access for remote service
  • HMI software is designed to run under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
  • Real time display of material entering and exiting the machine
  • User configurable report storage and retrieval in Rich Text Format
  • FFT diagnostic software tool to show deviations caused by out of round rolls, failing drives couplings, tight spots in gearboxes etc.