Pickling Lines & Acid Regeneration Plants

Pickling Lines & Acid Regeneration Plants

YOGIJI DIGI offers continuous, semi- continuous and push pull pickling lines which provide high quality pickled coils and high productivity for cold rolling. Pickling Lines lines are designed to operate economically, compliant with the environmental norms and optimized pickling process with individual circulation and heating system ensuring minimized consumption of utilities.

Teflon heat exchangers are used in the acid tanks along with used steam condensate for hot water rinsing. The shallow granite pickle tank with counter acid turbulent flow, acid recirculation and spray rinsing ensures superior scale removal and low acid consumption.

YOGIJI DIGI offers complete turnkey solutions for setting up acid regeneration plant for the regeneration of acids used in the pickling process of carbon steel. The waste acid generated from pickling lines if discharged in the environment results in high costs and fresh demand for acid.

The units designed by us offer ease of maintenance & efficient operation reducing the carbon footprint of the industry considerably. Acid regeneration not only reduces the long term costs but also optimizes the pickling process due to constant operating parameters.

It is virtually emission free & provides protection to the environment by recovering the hazardous chemical.